Texas Chapter Planning Awards Program

Award Nomination Requirements

All of the APATX  Planning Award nominations must be submitted through the appropriate online form using ZoomGrants. Be sure to review the individual eligibility and criteria requirements for the specific award category you wish to submit a nomination.

General Submission Information

Nominations must be submitted online through APA's website.


Review the eligibility requirements

The following information is required for each nomination:


1. Summary of the entry (100-250 words)


2. Award criteria Describe how the entry satisfies the award criteria (Maximum of 300 words per each item listed under category criteria)


3. Letters of support

  • At least one (1); up to five (5) one-page letters of support for planning project nominations.

  • Letters may be addressed: Members of the 2020 Awards Jury. This is intentional. In the case you decide to apply for national recognition, this will prevent you from having to redo the letters of support to meet National's requirements. 

  • Letters must be included in the online nomination form. Do not mail letters.

  • Letter(s) should offer support for the value of the nominated effort.

  • Letter(s) may not be written by the nominator of the submission, by the nominated individual or by anyone who directly worked on the project: members of the project team, consultant team or planning department staff or anyone that had daily interaction or oversight on the project. 

  • Client letters are acceptable.

  • Comments from APATX sections, members, and other stakeholders involved with the subject of the nomination are encouraged.


4. Digital images (jpg format only) that are copyright-free with captions.

Submit only images that are copyright-free and may be reproduced by APATX without a fee, charge, or copyright infringement.

Read the photography tips

  • Images should provide context and show the award nomination's positive or intended outcomes.

  • Images should supplement what exists in the written summary and criteria sections.

  • Each image must be uploaded individually.

  • Images must be .jpeg format.

  • Each image is limited to a maximum of 10 MB.

  • Each image should be 200 dpi with a minimum physical size of 5 inches by 7 inches

  • Each image must include a photo caption. 

  • Photo collages and PowerPoint presentations are not desired.

  • Five (5) digital images are required for all of the Texas Planning Awards.

  • For the Planning Advocate category.

    • Include at least one (1) recent picture of the individual.

    • Photos should be representative or illustrative of the person's most significant professional work and endeavors.


5. Supplemental materials (optional)
Supplemental materials may add additional support to your nomination. Materials may include press clips, brochures, posters, design guidelines, fact sheets, etc. If your nomination is about a plan, be sure to include a copy of the plan.

All supplemental materials must be included in your online nomination. You have two options:

  1. Upload the document to your nomination form.

  2. Provide links to your online document

    • Ensure that your URL will remain active through August.

Entry Fee, If Applicable

The fee for submitting a nomination, which is non-refundable:

  • $100 per nomination

There is no nomination fee for the following categories: Planning Advocate and Planning Landmark. Fees must be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).

Award nominations are due May 15, 2020 by 11:59pm. 

Conference Location: 

El Paso Convention Center

APA-Texas Website: